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Supplying top-quality wholesale candles and accessories to business customers across Australia

Are you a caterer or event planner? Do you own a restaurant, café or function centre? Or perhaps you are a reseller of giftware, home decor or party supplies. From hospitality to homewares, Cool Candles has you covered for both superior quality and bulk economy options. So if your business requires quality wholesale candles and accessories, give Cool Candles a call!

We have been candle wholesalers for over 20 years. Our success is built on maintaining great relationships with business customers from Melbourne to Brisbane. We know how much our customers matter! So whether you’re a retailer, venue owner or function coordinator, you’ll find our sales and service are second to none. We’re the Australian candle wholesaler who’d love to do business with you!

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Wholesale Candles for Resale

Are you a reseller or distributor in search of reliable candle wholesalers? Our giftware and homewares range is a selection of timeless classics, perfect for any inventory. Our huge range includes everything from cheap bulk candles, to luxury candles and giftware. Your customers are sure to find that there’s something for everyone!

  • Tea Lights: We supply scented and unscented tealight candles in a selection of colours and burn times. Delight your customers with superior-quality European tealights, or provide excellent value with bulk tea light packs.
  • European Pillar Candles: Our superior quality pillar candles are available in a range of colours including traditional ivory, bright white, gold and silver. They’re the perfect choice for a dignified event or venue.
  • Traditional Taper Candles: Simple, elegant candles that are beautiful to look at. Ideal for the dinner table, these timeless candles match effortlessly with any style or theme.
  • Luxury Candles: Our luxury giftware range includes unique scented candles, floating candles, and free-standing candles in a range of conventional and modern shapes. Our full range includes square candles, ball candles, scented tea lights and more.
  • Candle Holders and Accessories: We carry a huge range of candle holders, lamps and jars. From delicate glassware to robust acrylics and devotional displays, we supply candle holders to suit every purpose.

So, if you’re reseller of giftware or homewares, come have a chat about our quality wholesale candles! From timeless classic candles to stylish modern lamps and scented delights, our range won’t disappoint. Call now to connect with one of Australia’s leading candle wholesalers!

Wholesale Candles for Weddings and Functions

Are you an event coordinator or caterer? Create the perfect atmosphere for your event with our affordable wholesale candles. Whether your event will be intimate and cosy or elegant and sophisticated, the beauty of genuine candlelight creates an ambience like no other. With our wholesale candle range, you’ll find everything you need to complete your perfect function.

  • Traditional Candles: Can’t go past the classics? Then you’ll love our traditional wax candle range. Timeless and elegant, they’re available in a selection of colours to suit any event. They’re an especially good match for traditional and contemporary wedding decorating.
  • Jar Candles: An attractively-packaged candle and holder all in one, perfect for outdoor or indoor entertaining. Our jar candles are available in a range of vibrant colours, for an energetic and exciting atmosphere.
  • Liquid Oil Candles: The real flame alternative! Our wholesale liquid paraffin oil candles are clean-burning and odourless, and produce no messy wax to clean up after a long night. However, they still offer the genuine atmosphere of real flame! Your clients will be delighted, while you save time and money on the cleanup.
  • Real Flame Catering Accessories: In addition to our wide range of candles and table décor, we also carry a selection of lighters, buffet chafing fuels and other catering supplies. We carry all your real flame needs!

Wholesale Table Lights for Restaurants & Clubs

If you own a restaurant or cafe, you know the importance of creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. And when it comes to ambience, there’s no match for genuine candle light. With our selection of wholesale candles, liquid oil candles and distinctive table lamps, your venue will always look its best.

  • Unique Candle Lamps: Create a unique look and feel for your venue at great wholesale prices! Our huge range of candle décor contains beautiful glass lamps, robust acrylic tumblers, vibrant colours, and more. Coordinate your lamps for a sophisticated style, or mix and match our range of bases and shades to create energy and excitement.
  • Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cells: Ideal for large venues with plenty of cleaning to do. Our disposable liquid paraffin oil candles provide the ambience of real flame, with none of the waxy mess. Odourless and clean burning, they’re available in bulk quantities for your convenience. The perfect complement to our range of candle lamps!
  • LED Battery Candles: Almost like real flame! Our LED candles are suitable for venues where real flame may pose a fire hazard (such as heritage buildings) or where safety is the top priority. A selection of LED colours let you create a unique and striking setting.

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Do you want to do business with us? All suitable Australian businesses are welcome to apply for wholesale customer status using our handy online form. If you prefer, you can also contact us directly to discuss your business over the phone. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

In addition to our great customer service and advice, verified wholesale customers receive discounts of 20%-50% across our entire wholesale candles range. Start trading with one of Australia's leading candle wholesalers today!

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