About Cool Candles

AAA Cool Candle Company (previously Lorax Design), based in Berri NSW, is focused on quality decorative "lifestyle decor" products designed to create lighting ambience, such as candle lamps. We supply ambient lighting solutions for the home, at events or in restaurants and hotels.

Our European & American manufacturers have extremely broad product ranges which are continually updated, leading the current fashion trends.

We carry the following quality products:

  • Top quality & trendy designer Candles: scented candles, flower tapers, floating candles, dining tapers, ball candles, round & square pillar candles
  • Traditional candles from Holland, Denmark and (since recently) quality items from China.
  • Specialized hospitality products such as table lamps and liquid wax candles, candle holders, and hurricane lamps.
  • Upmarket, top-quality ceramics from Spain and glassware from Germany: Lamps, vases, pedestal & matching planter pots, bowls, trays, jugs, decorative boxes, photo frames, statues and much more

General focus is on Candle Supplies such as Scented Candles, Pillar Candles, Votive Candles, Jar Candles, Floating Candles, Ball & Square Candles, Tapered candles, Candle Holders and Accessories.

Special focus is given Restaurants using Table Lighting with Paraffin Fuel Cells or classic unscented candles. Restaurants and Functions, Events and Event Hire companies all potentially using Wedding Candles, Dinner Candles, Tea Lights and specialised Table lighting (Table lamps) often with Liquid wax candles (odorless liquid paraffin) or wireless Rechargeable LED battery operated candles. You will find these products on this site.