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Cool Candles offers bulk quantities of liquid paraffin or oil candles (also known as disposable fuel cells) for the Australian hospitality market. Our affordable and efficient oil candles and lamps are available online to both retail and wholesale customers within Australia.

Oil or liquid candles are known for their:

  • clean-burning, mess-free real flame
  • odourless and non-allergenic fuel
  • authentic and beautiful lighting

If you are looking to provide your customers with clean, odourless lighting that offers all the ambience of real flame, our oil candles and accessories are the perfect solution!

The ambience of real flame

Liquid candles represent a convenient and cost-effective way to provide a special ambience in social venues such as bars and restaurants. The character and atmosphere of social environments can be greatly enhanced by the choice of lighting. Candlelight is soft and has a natural flicker, which has an almost magical power to generate pleasant feelings within people. While frequenters of social venues may not consciously seek out candlelit premises the appealing ambience that "real flame" lighting produces has a tendency to attract clientele.

You can't beat a real flame

Proper "real flame" lamps give the best captivating flame and the best ambience by far. All known LED 'flicker' algorithms are not yet realistic enough and tend to be too fast, too consistent and if you watch them too closely, irritating. In general a true candle flame is soft whereas LED light is either harsher or dull. The LED plastic body is not a good look in clear glass lamps so quality conscious customers are limited in choice to frosted or opaque lamps. The cost of loss, theft or damage is low for liquid paraffin lamps so especially for bars where lamps go missing more often than restaurants LEDs could turn out to be expensive.

The cost of ownership of LEDs is also higher by several man-hours a day for various reasons (explained in our brochure). At present, a LED candle doesn't convincingly simulate a real candle flame.

Advantages over standard wax candles

For businesses, traditional Wax Candles cause a mess and cost many employee hours in cleaning. This makes wax candles the least friendly and the most costly option. Disposable liquid paraffin fuel cells, on the other hand, are simple and easy in all aspects. Liquid candles are odourless and user-friendly; ideal for most quality conscious Hospitality environments.

Outdoor use

With a 'Wind Diffuser' system liquid paraffin candle lamps can be used outside to great effect, without blowing out in the wind!

Real Flame Candle Lamps

With the soft glow of ambience, clean, odourless REAL Flame candle lamps come in many different colours and shapes, will appeal to all; best friends, best customers etc. !

What situation do they suit?

Liquid paraffin oil candle lamps are ideal for restaurants, hotels, weddings, functions, events, night-clubs, bars and even for the home.

Please browse our range. We look forward to receiving your liquid candles order.

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