Pillar Candles Australia: High-quality European and economy pillar candles

Our range of pillar candles focuses on quality European Bolsius pillar candles, which are known for their high-grade materials and superior flame. We also offer economy pillar candles which live up to our own high standards.

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Our range of high-quality and economy pillar candles

Cool Candles supplies high quality pillar candles manufactured by Bolsius in Europe. Bolsius pillar candles are made in accordance with high standards of quality. The quality of the raw materials used is reflected in beautiful flames and consistently long burn times. Bolsius pillar candles are known for maintaining their shapes and colours over time.

Alongside our Bolsius range of pillar candles, Cool Candles is proud to offer a value range. The value range of pillar candles is competitively priced with high quality modern European styling.

Why Pillar Candles?

Pillar candles derive their name by virtue of their relatively large diameters. Because pillar candles are wider, they contain more wax which in turn means they will be able to burn for longer. Pillar candles are therefore ideal for situations that require longer burning times such as for weddings or in restaurants. They are also great for use in the home.

Caring for Pillar Candles

While pillar candles are capable of lasting for a long time, there are useful tips for keeping them in good condition.

Keeping the Wick Trimmed

As with other candles, the length of the wick will grow longer as the wax is used. A longer than optimal wick will produce a larger flame that will use up the candle wax more quickly and produce smoke. The wick may also lean to one side, if it is too long, resulting in the flame burning to one side and causing wax to melt unevenly. For optimal results it is good practice to keep the wick trimmed with a pair of scissors, to about 1cm.

Keeping the Wax Trimmed

As the candle wax burns, an outer edge of the candle will tend to be left unmelted. This phenomenon has been referred to as candle tunnelling. Candle tunnelling can lead to the wick becoming drowned. To prevent the wick from drowning it is recommended that the outer edge is regularly trimmed whenever it protrudes more than 1cm above the surface of the wax that pools below the flame.

Keep Molten Candle Wax Clear of Debris

Don’t allow pieces of burnt matchstick or other debris to occupy the molten candle wax. A burnt matchstick can act as a second wick and cause your candle to start producing smoke and cause dripping all of which will reduce the life of the candle.

Upright Position

When burning your pillar candle, it is important to make sure it is in a perfectly upright position so that it doesn’t smoke or drip.

Keep out of Excessive Heat

It is important to not use candles if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius.