HD26 "Mini" Liquid Paraffin Disposable Fuel Cells (box of 60)

HD26 "Mini" Liquid Paraffin Disposable Fuel Cells (box of 60)
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A petit disposable oil candle fuel cell designed for smaller, "mini" size table lamps. Ideal for restaurants, bars and other venues, this unit fits into smaller lamps to deliver over 26 hours of light with no messy wax or cleanup duty. Make the most of your space and your time!



Perfect for mini table lamps & candle holders, this liquid oil candle is a little beauty that will burn upwards of 26 hours. With a diameter of 51mm, and only 50mm tall, it fits into many candle holders where larger fuel cells would be unattractive. If you have chosen smaller lamps to make the most of your table space, this fuel cell is the right choice for you!

Designed as a disposable unit, this liquid paraffin oil candle can simply be replaced once the fuel is used - there's no need to refill. And, unlike solid wax candles, there's no need to clean up waxy mess or leftovers. It's the most convenient solution for adding beautiful real-flame ambience to any venue. Ideal for any business where efficiency and value are key!

Like our other disposable fuel cells, this unit contains clean-burning and odourless liquid paraffin oil. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, it's a product of the USA.

This product is packaged with wholesale customers in mind, offering a bulk box of 60 pieces.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Burn Time 26 hrs
Height 51mm
Diameter 51mm
Fuel Liquid paraffin oil
Quantity per Pack 60