Bolsius - Classic Taper Candles - Box 100

Bolsius - Classic Taper Candles - Box 100
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Box of 100 European style Gothic taper candles. 250mm height. Available in white, ivory, black, red and green with a timeless satin finish. Quality tapered candles with no drooping or dripping when used under recommended conditions. These timeless and classic dinner candles offer long lasting superior ambience.



Enhance your tabletop with this European classic taper candle. Available in white, ivory, black, red and green. With a classic smooth satin finish, there is no need for fancy patterns or shapes. The timeless elegance of this quality taper candle speaks for itself. Matching effortlessly with any decor, these taper candles are perfect for events or hospitality venues, adding a touch of intimacy to your restaurant, or just lending delightful ambience to a special dinner.

With their subtle ivory and pristine white colour tones, they are also the perfect wedding candles for your special day. The candle flame brings out the candle colour tone beautifully, creating a unique sense of warmth and intimacy. Whether set in an antique candelabra or lighting a custom made centrepiece, these taper candles will make a perfect highlight for your wedding table.

These fine tapered dinner candles are manufactured to high-quality European standards. Cheap dinner candles will often burn down quickly, and spill a lot of messy wax for you to clean. Some even lose their structure in hot weather! However, these quality taper candles will never droop or drip while in recommended burning conditions.

To maintain burn time, please burn taper candles only on a level surface away from wind. Burning the candle in an uneven fashion may prevent the dripless design from working, and shorten the life of your candle. If the candle is dripping, you may be either allowing the candle to burn at an angle, or letting a draft influence the flame.

Each candle is approximately 250mm tall, with a 25 mm diameter at the base. Expected burn time is 7.5 hours per candle. Box of 100

Additional Information

Additional Information

Candle Shape Taper
Height 250mm
Burn Time 7.5 hrs
Scent Unscented
Quantity per Pack 100